Sky3888 24/7 Withdrawal your bonus anytime you want! Unlimited times!

Sky3888 Slot Game 24/7 Withdrawal your bonus anytime you want! Unlimited times!

Sky3888 iBET knows some players who in Sky3888 top up and want to withdrawal their bonus immediately. Sky3888 iBET doesn’t want to make player wait too long. So Sky3888 iBET decided that every player can withdrawal 24/7 anytime you want. Win big money and withdrawal fast! Let’s follow withdrawal steps as below to get your bonus into your bank account.

Step 1

Click Sky3888 iBET Website => Type your ID and password to login Sky3888 iBet.

Step 2

Click “Withdrawals” on the upper right of homepage.


Step 3

You will see withdrawal page as below. Fill in your withdrawal amount and check that account of yours is correct, then click on [Submit].


Step 4

Check the withdrawal status under ‘Transaction Records’ in ‘History’ page. The status will change from ‘Withdrawals_ Process’ to ‘Withdrawals_ Finish‘, after our Customer Service Executive successfully validates the withdrawal details provided.



Use iBET Customer Service to Solve Your Any Problem!

If you have any problem, you can click the Customer Service icon under the right corner of the page. It can make your confirmation of deposit amount transfer faster and solve your question.



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