Sky3888a Everyone Loves Pink Panther Slot Game

Sky3888a Everyone Loves Pink Panther Slot Game

The Pink Panther online slot game from Sky3888a is among the funniest and most entertaining games to have been in Sky3888a.

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About Sky3888 Slot Game Pink Panther

pink panther

The game includes the well-known introduction video that you can easily associate with Sky3888a Pink Panther. Once the introduction is complete, the reels are revealed with the Pink leaning on to the first reel on the left side and the massive paylines that skirt the reels. The game includes a lot of pink in its theme from the controls, and the background to the reels.


Pink Panther is a five-reel 50-payline online slot game and is highly popular among slot enthusiasts, not only because of the theme, but also because of  Sky3888a progressive jackpot.

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