Learn How to Get Free RM50 in iBET SKY3888 Slots

Learn How to Get Free RM50 in iBET SKY3888 Slots

iBET SKY3888 deposit promotion, you deposit RM30 we give you FREE RM50 NOW! New Member First Deposit RM 30 and you will get a RM 50 for free. In order to make players to understand this promotion easily, iBET sky3888 made this tutorial for every player. It’s very easy to get free RM50 and we hope you have more fun in iBET Sky3888 slot game!

Sky3888 Get Free RM50 Tutorial in iBET

Step 1.
Please click URL: http://sk38.sky3888-download.com/ get into iBET homepage and free to register as a iBET member to login.
(Learn how to register iBET : Just 4 Steps! It’s So Easy to Register iBET Sky3888 Online Casino!)


Step 2.

Please activate your iBET account.
(Activate iBET account tutorial : iBET SKY3888 Online Casino Activate Account Tutorial)


Step 3.

Click “Deposit” on the upper of iBET homepage.



Step 4.

Select the online bank transfer, click “Make Deposit” to proceed to the next step.



Step 5.

Please select an iBET account to perform the fund transfer, or perform a cash deposit via ATM/Cash Deposit (You need to activate your online bank). Remember deposit RM30 for FREE 50 Promotion. After deposit, click “next”.
*note: : iBet provide different deposit promotion all the time. Please have a check with customer service what is the latest deposit promotion before you deposit.



Step 6.

After you deposit on online bank, type in the deposit information on this page and choose “RM 30 Free RM50” promotion package. Then click “Submit” to submit your application, iBET Customer service will check your transaction info application, after confirming the correct amount, RM50 will be added to your account.



Step 7.

You can check your deposit record in the “History” page. Click “Bonus Points”, if you see the record of deposit promotion RM50 bonus, it means the deposit bonus is already added to your account! (Note: The confirmation of funds transfer will be completed within 3 – 5 minutes)


Use iBET Customer Service to Solve Your Any Problem!

If you have any problem, you can click the Customer Service icon under the right corner of the page. It can make your confirmation of deposit amount transfer faster and solve your question.

Have a good time for playing sky3888 Slot Game in iBET S888 !
Free Register iBET Sky3888 Slot Game: http://sk38.sky3888-download.com/

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