Play Sky3888 Slot Games in iBET S888 Download Tutorial

Play Sky3888(sky3888a) Slot Games in iBET S888 Download Tutorial

iBET Malaysia Online Casino video games in order to give back to players in this month. We created a special new electronic games hall -S888(SKY3888)!

S888 Video Game Hall introduced the Malaysia Internet cafes known for electronic gaming brand – SKY3888(sky3888a) Slot Games. Now, you don’t need to go Internet cafes just stay at home and turn on iBET S888 (sky3888,sky3888a) so you can enjoy incredible slot game immediately in any time anywhere.


How to experience S888 (sky3888) slot game?

We made a start teaching article for you. We hope each player have a good time in iBET S888!

Login SKY3888 you can play the best Online Casino games !

Step 1.

Please click URL: get into iBET homepage and free to register as a iBET member to login.

(Learn how to register iBET : Just 4 Steps! It’s So Easy to Register iBET Sky3888 Online Casino!)


Step 2.
Click S888(sky3888) icon which located in a central position of homepage.

sky3888 slot game download tutorial step2


Step 3.
Enter S888 startup page, click the “DOWNLOAD” icon to download the game client applications.



Step 4.
Open the downloaded S888 client applications and instal program.



Step 5.
Click “Next” to continue S888 Client Setup.



Step 6.
After the middle of the field to enter the installation path, click “NEXT “to confirm the installation location.



Step 7.
Click “Install” and start to install process, it will takes a few minutes. Please be patient.




Step 8.
Click “Finish” to complete the installation procedure.



Step 9.
Click “START GAME” to open S888 gaming platform.



Step 10.
The first game will pop up a window for entering the new game data, please be patient.



Step 11.
Click any slot game you want to play.



Step 12.
The first time into the game computer needs to download game data, please be patient.



Step 13.
After download it will automatically enter the game screen, and then you can start enjoying S888 slot games!



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