Sky3888a A Pirate Map-themed Game : Captains Treasure

Sky3888a A Pirate Map-themed Game : Captains Treasure

Play Captains Treasure at Sky3888a for more chances to win in this 5 reel, 9 payline game. Captains Treasure is a simple and rewarding slots game.

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About Sky3888a Slot Game Captains Treasure


Sky3888a is always full of new ideas when it comes to creating online slot games, and while the seafaring pirate theme has been done before, few games can claim to appeal to such a wide slots playing audience as Captain’s Treasure. Whether you prefer the inherent game play of classic slots such as those found in local pubs and clubs, or the more diverse action of new video slots, Captain’s Treasure ticks all of the boxes. Sky3888a is your best choices.

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